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Girl in Wheelchair

About Us

A Disability Care Provider You Can Count On!

Our Mission Statement:

Inspire and instill progress into those affected by disabilities. Maintain a safe, fun, and interactive environment and constantly strive to create an atmosphere of love, passion, and development.


We've got you covered! 
We understand that each client gains a sense of responsibility and confidence when living on their own, so we create a safe space for our friends to be independent and make choices for their own living situation. We provide the care and attention they deserve so they can have the best quality of life and find joy in the day to day. 




We focus on helping our clients fulfill their personal goals daily. Whether that is to be involved in the community or to work on social skills, we help each individual grow and reach for their goals.
We prioritize creating an environment of care and growth so everyone feels like they have friends, belong, and are valued. 
Our day programs are community and facility based, and allow for each of our friends to make choices for their day, every day! 


Friends4Life has changed my family's life! They truly care about my daughter and are willing to make any adjustments necessary to ensure we are happy!

Ashely J. 

BEST PROVIDER IN UTAH! Friends4Life is very open to feedback. I can feel that they want what is best for my son. 

Quinn D. 

We have bounced around to several providers in Utah - all of which did not have our best interests in mind. Friends4Life does an excellent job of connecting with those they serve! 

Sandy W.

Enjoying the Woods

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